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2847 Dundee Rd
Northbrook, IL, 60062

(847) 858-2722

Lauren Fonseca offers the highest quality of Pilates and GYROTONIC® instruction at her brand new facility in Chicago's North Shore. Located off Dundee Road just a few miles west of the Eden's Expressway, her studio Body Fusion Pilates provides an opportunity to stretch, strengthen, balance, and revitalize one's mind and body with the best Pilates & GYROTONIC® equipment and instruction in a nice and relaxed, welcoming environment. 



As someone who is (I admit it) past middle age--and incredibly lazy--yet as someone who has had the good fortune to not be overweight and be in pretty good shape--it takes a lot to get me motivated to exercise.  Lauren Fonseca has managed to get me involved in, and so looking forward to, Pilates sessions with her.  She is hard-working and makes me work hard, also (ugh!).  She is inspiring and understanding of the times I don't really feel up to being inspired.  She is the ultimate professional, yet warm and friendly--in other words, Lauren embodies the best of all worlds.  There is no one else I would feel comfortable with on so many levels...and I am incredibly lucky to have found her. -- Sharon S.

Lauren Fonseca has been an instrumental part of my recovery from a comminuted pylon fracture in my right leg and foot. After my injury, my range of motion was very limited and my balance was really off. I decided to try Pilates as it looked non-weight bearing. I never dreamed it would help my foot. Luckily, I was assigned to Lauren. She was thoughtful, empathetic, knowledgeable and kind. She was also able, through her personality, to get me to try things I didn't want to do at first. Now, 2 years later, I can move all parts of my foot. I am strong now! I truly believe all my balance and mobility is due to Lauren and Pilates. I will be grateful to Lauren for the rest of my life and will practice what she taught me. -- Fay B.

Lauren is an amazing Pilates instructor. She introduced me to Pilates 10 years ago and we haven't stopped since. We work on the reformer, the cadillac, and the mat. When I learned I was having a baby, she worked with me throughout my pregnancy. It helped so much, especially as my pregnancy progressed. Her passion for Pilates is only surpassed by her dedication to her clients. My daughter, a freshman in high school, has been training with her for over a year now and looks forward to her lessons each week! Lauren also offers lessons in Gyrotonics. It's great! I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in Pilates and/or Gyrotonics. She's an experienced professional who is dependable and a pleasure to train with. I encourage you to contact her. -- Suzanne K.

I have been working with Lauren Fonseca for four years. I have issues with my neck and Lauren has provided wonderful therapeutic Pilates instruction for me. She is very professional and thorough and I recommend her highly --Sheila S.

Doing Pilates with Lauren is a fantastic workout.  The routines challenge my body in ways that no other exercise can.  I found that Pilates is the perfect compliment to other high intensity regimens, which for me is martial arts.  I leave my Pilates sessions with Lauren feeling healthy, flexible and strong. -- Elisa F.

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